Medeber Teatro
(Brussels – Belgium)

The name Medeber comes from a caravanserai in the city of Asmara in Eritrea, where, every day, piles of waste materials are transformed and re-used thanks to the collective imagination of the local community. This image of bodies working to transform matter corresponds to our idea of art, where matter and images evolve through a collective work of creation, of poièsis, of poetry…

The activities of our company take place on several levels, using a plurality of artistic languages. Although we find our roots in theatre, our practice has evolved to creating and to implementing participatory artistic and cultural projects, fostering intercultural exchanges and community-building, mostly in public space. Our approach places the audience at the centre of our actions, accentuating the identity of citizens of all spectators and of all participants to our projects. We use poetry as a means to create original spaces of interaction with and for all audiences. The public space is where we negotiate counter-narratives about contemporary society, where we use imagination as a tool for social emancipation and intercultural dialogue. 

Since 2011 the company organises workshops aimed at strengthening language learning through theatre, while promoting artistic projects and activities pursuing individual and social emancipation through theatre. Medeber Teatro was founded in London in 2015 and moved to Brussels in November 2017, immediately becoming very active in the sociocultural scene of the city.