In order to allow a real international dialogue among all the participants, the partners chose to extend the branches of their work via internet and devised a collaborative mechanism called “The Rooms”. Using Trello as a shared working platform, seven folders were created in order for the participants to share materials themselves: like memory boxes, each Room has a title guiding the participants to put any type of content related to the title. Week after week, the trainers will show the participants the new contents added by the participants from the other countries and will be able to make confrontations and directly dialogue with them without words.
The Rooms are at the participants’ complete disposal, but each partner appointed a responsible among their staff member to coordinate the activity. The materials may also be used by the artistic directors to be included in their regular workshop and/or in the final events, with the previous approval of those who uploaded said materials. 

At the end of the workshops the participants will be asked the authorisation to make some of that material public, to give the direct and indirect audience a chance to see the actual exchanges created by the participants. A selection of the materials will be included at the bottom of this page. 

Along with “The Rooms”, another remote activity will be held on a specific schedule: three online meetings will be organised in Marc, April and May 2023. In each online meeting, two directors from two of the partners will involve a selection of the participants in a few activities that will allow a dialogue on the topics of the Rooms (or others) with an artistic and innovative approach. The directors will divide as follows:

  • 28 March 2023: Flavio Cortellazzi (Teatro Magro) – Serenella Martufi (Medeber)
  • 27 April 2023: Carlos  Manuel Rodriguez Do Nascimiento (Sozial Label) and Bartolini/Baronio (Asinitas)
  • 3. May 2023:  SMouTH – Progetto Amuni