Here are some useful materials born from the workshops and the experience we had during this complex yet wonderful journey. 


The toolkit

Within the pages of the toolkit, it is possible to find a narrative that traces our steps, capturing the essence of the process and offering a glimpse into the thoughtful considerations and impactful practices.

Crossroads documentary

The documentary

This video was realised in cooperation with all the partners, who committed to contribute both creatively and technically through video materials. This output highlights all steps of our project.

Inside, by Smouth


This is a short film born from the work of S.Mou.TH. which produced this moving film sequence with the participants of the project. All the texts and the reflections were realised by them.

Incroci, CuePress

Past pubblications

You can find more about the past consortium and projects from which Crossroads derives, by purchasing "Incroci", written by Andrea Porcheddu and Cecilia Carponi, edited by CuePress.