Teatro Magro (Mantua-Italy)

Teatro Magro works as a permanent workshop, where everybody’s lived experience becomes basic collective material for dramatization and representation. With the aim of realizing artworks that overcome the aesthetic sphere and can also transmit positive messages, Teatro Magro draws from everyday life by denouncing the stereotype, commonplace, rhetoric. All is permeated by irony that forces you to maintain a high level of attention and a critical observation, for achieving an independent, personal and disenchanted perspective.

The Cooperative mixed the strictly theatrical work with the educational sphere in a synergic and productive way, to catch the peculiarities of each subject of the workshops as a creative spark for social change. In the educational field Teatro Magro realises, autonomously and in cooperation with local Scholar Institutions, several workshops of theatre education, performances and demonstrations, paths of education to reading, often integrated with socially disadvantaged subjects. One of the most efficient among these activities is SUB.ITA, a path of socio-cultural inclusion of a group of migrants taken in charge by some of the local social services that involves them in theatre workshops, attendance to performances and live shows, and professional experiences integrated with Mantuan subjects.