Six wanderers. Six travellers from every point on the horizon. Six stories that meet at a crossroad. The meeting place becomes an opportunity for coexistence. And all stories become one, Inside a home without walls, without boundaries, open to every horizon. INSIDE is a poetic short film, the result of a creative encounter of people from different cultural backgrounds. Based on the concept of Home, the participants of Crossroads Greece compose a common place of stories, texts, music, choreographies and rituals, a common place of harmony and coexistence.

Concept & Direction: Costas Lamproulis In collaboration with: Despoina Bounitsi, Filippos Zoukas Director of Photography: Giannis Chatziantoniou Production: SMouTh (Synergy of Music Theatre) Cast: Abdulaye Camara, Mamadou Adama Diallo, Michelle Gerber, Saiku Kanteh, Mohamed Koroma, Christos Mitros INSIDE premiered in Mercu

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