Workshop – Palazzo Te visit

A performative visit to Palazzo Te (Mantua)

On Tuesday 17th February Teatro Magro organised a performative visit to Palazzo Te for all the participants of their workshop. 

The participants have been guided around the palace in a peer-to-peer experience with some Teatro Magro collaborators, who helped them enjoy the visit with theatrical stimuli and engaging them personally in the history and art of the space. Another number of migrants followed the same tour but all grouped together and guided by Simone Rega, one of Palazzo Te’s official tour guides, as well as by one of Teatro Magro’s collaborators and by an educator from SAI Enea Project.

Thanks to Fondazione Palazzo Te who welcomed us, to SAI Enea Project who helped gather the participants and mediate with them, and to StrongVilla who filmed the most interesting aspects of the visit.