We are fortunate to follow the experiences of the group as they explore concepts of connection, communication, and barriers through the use of a cloth and the creation of sound suggestions. 

Exploring the Barrier:

Simona introduces the concept of a piece of cloth as a barrier object, inviting the performers to experiment with its multiple uses. Whether working individually, in pairs, or in trios, the consequences of actions on the barrier itself are explored: distance, proximity, and coverage. Each movement and body position in relation to the material carries a unique meaning, as the group explores both individually and in relation to others.

Beyond Material Limits:

The workshop does not stop at the cloth as the sole object of exploration. Imagine a wall made of different materials such as rubber, iron, or water. With a shared intention, the group works together to push this wall, experimenting with new bodily arrangements in relation to the different materials. While each individual confronts themselves, the unity of the group remains crucial.

Collectiveness in Music:

Another fascinating aspect of this workshop is the inclusion of every performer in the production of live music. The group accompanies the individual through clapping and vocal work, allowing him/her to experience the musical dimension. The microphone is positioned at the end of the barrier, creating an auditory connection between the performative actions and artistic suggestions that arrive from Sergio at the console initially, and them from Gianmatteo.

The Fall of the Wall and Its Implications:

Every time the wall falls, Giuseppe introduces deeper concepts related to offences, prejudices, and falsehoods. This moment of rupture becomes an opportunity to explore and express emotions and thoughts through music. Gianmatteo, one of the performers using the loop station, creates an engaging sound backdrop while other participants approach the microphone to improvise on the themes connected to the wall. This process of sonic creation and active participation generates a new sound suggestion closely tied to the group’s emotional experience.

This type of exploration through collective improvisation offers fertile ground for creative expression and human connection. Through the use of a cloth as a barrier object, musical inclusion, and reflection on barriers and their transcendence, the whole group embarks on a journey of self-discovery, empathy, artistic growth and, above all, political awareness.