The objective of the second Crossroads-driven creative sessions by Progetto Amunì is to create a cross-media and multimedia performance. We discussed the meaning of cross/multimedia. A performance where the various disciplines intersect but which can also include audience interaction. It is no coincidence that compared to our former performances, we are following a different choice: exploring human contact and the digital. 

The theme is, as we mentioned last month, BORDERS.

Our symbolic place of action is THE BEACH: a place that for some can be a holiday, well-being, relaxation, for others can be salvation, hope, dream).

What happens on this boundary line? 

We will develop these themes and create something, inside and also transcending theatre, studying the relationships between us. Usually in our group, roles are naturally created. This is what we will have to follow now: explore labels for ourselves, how we identify with ourselves. One of the things we have to do on a conceptual level, is to try to unhinge mechanisms, to go beyond the Label itself.

Starting from our bodies, we start to work with Simona (choreography and movement) on relationships, contact, distance, space.

With Giuseppe we’re exploring the value of props and light in the creation of metaphysical and symbolic borders on stage. In the meanwhile we’re working on verbal statements like “I am … You are … They are …” to understand how our individual and collective minds perceive the role of others inside and outside our personal, political and social space.

With Sergio in the meanwhile we pursue the meaning of listening to music and sounds, on how to follow the moods that music evokes and how to work on stage also in contrast with it. The question is: can also Sound be perceived as a border, and can it be pushed, destroyed and created anew.

Here are some very interesting statements (in Italian) the performers made during the “I am…” impro:

Io sono chiuso

tu sei chiuso

io sono bloccato

io sono stanco

tu sei stanca?

tui sei in piedi

io sono dentro

io sono felicità

tu sei felicità

io sono tristezza

tu sei rabbia

io sono gelosia

io sono geloso

io sono alto

io sono basso

tu sei alto

tu sei altro

io sono nel mondo

io sono acqua

tu sei sole

io sono niente

io sono tutto

tu non sei tutto

io sono