EUROVISION: the Mantuan final event

The workshop in Mantua is close to the conclusion.

A few more meetings, and then on stage we go. The group is made of around 10 youngsters mixed between non-accompanied refugee minors and locals, and have been meeting regularly to share their experiences. Under the guidance of Flavio Cortellazzi, Teatro Magro’s artistic director, the final performance is taking its final shape: “EUROVISION”.


No one knows the faith of those who run. A faith they suffer.

No deserts, mountains or prairies. No mud. No wood.

Everything is the same. 

It’s a serious game. 

The things you don’t have don’t exist. 

There is no ugly. 

The screen is on, do you see? A simultaneous broadcast.

A nice western parable. 

A great production.


Now repeat.

If you aren’t alert you are in danger.

Like a sleepwalker.

You’re running because everybody is running.

Let the Earth finally start spinning.


The space between people and things is empty.