This year, the topic of the workshop is dialogue. Participants are invited to extrapolate original forms of dialogue, on the basis of the work Dialoghi di Leucò by Cesare Pavese. Each participant receives the text, which is analysed individually and as a group, in both Italian and in French. So far the group has worked on the dialogues “The blind” and “Seafoam”.  Couples are then formed to investigate and present on stage a composition inspired by one excerpt of the text, even just one word. Presentations are the most varied, they can be textual, movement based, discursive, etc. The whole group then reflects on the presentation and through guided feedback the composition develops every time a little bit further. Once couples consolidate their presentations, the group has been invited to improvise all together on stage following their own dramaturgies. 

This is perhaps the most exciting part of the journey, when, to say it with Pavese’s words: “ The surest, and the quickest, way for us to arouse the sense of wonder is to stare, unafraid, at a single object. Suddenly—miraculously—it will look like something we have never seen before.”