With Tamara and Michele leading the theatre workshops in Asinitas in Rome every Thursday, we investigate our childishness. We look for it in the distant echo of when our parents used to call us by our name. That voice resounds in the room where we found ourselves as adults trying to repeat the intention, the sound, the inflexion. We look for it when we think of a memory of freedom, of when we ran on a bicycle, rolled across a meadow or dived into a river; we look for it when we sing a song from the time our childhood

It is difficult to find that child; for many of us, it is hidden and does not want to come out, to show itself. It is something from the past and perhaps no longer exists.

The search is, therefore a process and an effort and the group is a great container: every time we put something of ourselves at the centre, it is a gift we do for the other.

 And you, are you looking for your inner child?