Like every Thursday, we met in the headquarter of Asinitas in Rome. The large room is used in the morning for the Italian classes and in the afternoon for theatre workshops. Bartolini/Baronio hold there the theatre workshop.

We warm up our voices by emitting sounds and syllables in a circle, and then we throw our names at each other, looking into each other’s eyes. We play with the voice as if it were a substance.

Then we stand in a line, one person at a time behind the back of another says its name: the one who hears the voice calling from behind turns around.

The voice vibrates until it touches our shoulders and touches us like a blanket.

What do we need in order to truly feel that we have been called?

Listening, concentration, the direction of the sound, silence and intention: without intention, there is no theatre.

And you, do you feel you have been called?