‘Dialogues with Leucò’ by Cesare Pavese

Later you don’t know

Behind the stranger’s face

Of the friend, of the woman you love

Discreet and serene shadow

I will be there without you recognising me

 Verses by Louise Mast in ” Chiccolino ” (mother of workshop participant Nathalie Rossetti).


Più tardi non lo sai

Dietro il viso dello sconosciuto,

Dell’amico, della donna che amerai

Ombra discreta e serena

Io sarò lì senza che tu mi riconosca”                                                

Versi di Louise Mast in « Chiccolino » (madre di Nathalie Rossetti partecipante al laboratorio).

“Dialogues with Leucò” by Cesare Pavese is the text proposed to the participants of Medeber Teatro’s theatre workshop. The text includes 26 short dialogues dealing with the relationship between man and nature, the inescapable character of destiny and the irrevocable condemnation of death. Each participant was asked to carry out his or her own personal theoretical and scenic investigation starting with the dialogue ‘The Blind Men’, whose protagonists are Tiresias and Oedipus. The above photo and text are part of the investigation material of Nathalie Rossetti, one of the workshop participants.