Let’s imagine another future

Refugees coming from different countries have to face several challenges in Europe. The most difficult one is the language barrier. Your past experiences is not always recognized as valuable as not fulfilling European rules. You have to start from scratch and build a new future. 

What about if we start to work with refugees valorising the existing knowledge in terms of other languages that they know and the skills and abilities they bring with them?

What about if we start asking them to teach us something? 

The theatre workshop in Berlin works with migrants and refugees and helpers in Falkensee, a district in the north of the city. Falkensee has a long tradition of welcoming refugees starting in the 2015. People come to B89 to get a feeling of home, drink a coffee, get help with the paper, find training, or may be to speak with someone.

The Theatre workshop in Berlin will be focused on the future. The drawing is from the five years old daughter of one of the participants. Drawing is also a tool for communication and she drew for us her/our future planet